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This site might have our names on it, but it's really all about YOU. Seriously. We write, speak and create resources all designed to help you build a stronger marriage, a deeper faith, a healthier family and a more enriching life. We hope the resources you'll find here will encourage you! 

To give you brief bio, we both grew up in Central Kentucky and we met in an acting class at Georgetown College in 1999. We got married the week after graduation in 2001. We now have four awesome sons named Cooper, Connor, Chandler and Chatham. They provide much of the inspiration and humor in our work! We love to travel, but we also love coming home to Augusta, GA where we've lived for almost a decade and where Dave serves as a pastor at Stevens Creek Church. 

You can find more resources on our blogs at www.AshleyWillis.org and www.DaveWillis.org. If you're interested in hanging out person, please check out our speaking page